Addendum to Last Post

(Videos not suitable for all audiences.)

Stark examples of why the truth matters: Last post, I wrote about the often tragic consequences of believing falsehoods. In my mind, I had two videos I’d watched recently: an incident in Portland and its follow-up. I decided not to get into it last post. However, it’s such a potent case, I decided to write this post and link the two videos about these very disturbing incidents, showcasing the real-world results of believing these falsehoods. You won’t hear it on the mainstream media (which is why I’m feeling compelled to post this material). But this is where we are now.

The first is the shooting of Aaron Danielson, a “Patriot Prayer” conservative, shot on the streets of Portland.

The second is of a group of “Antifa” (“Anti-fascist.” So-called) and their reaction to this shooting and the falsehoods being perpetuated that triggered (too literally) the killing. No, Trump supporters and conservatives are not racist, fascist Nazis who deserve whatever they get coming to them. They are ordinary people who voted/will vote for someone other people don’t like. This is where embracing falsehood and amping up the rhetoric can lead. I hope you’re as shocked as I was. (language warning.)